Our Terms

Here at Vinzo Chemicals, you can safely, securely and discreetly source all your chemicals. All our products are of the best quality.

Packaging is discreetly done so as to ensure a safe and secure delivery. We ship with various express mail delivery services like DHL, UPS, FedEx etc.

Discreet and secure shopping

At Vinzo Chemicals, we take all necessary measures to ensure that you order is delivered safe, fast and 100% discreet.

By purchasing and/or using any service/product offered and/or sold by Vinzo Chemicals, you agree that all products sold are strictly for research purposes only.

By performing any form of research using any product sold by Vinzo Chemicals, you agree to perform this research in well-equipped facilities, with all necessary safety equipment and procedures in place.

You also agree that you will undertake a risk assessment of any product and/or compound sold by Vinzo Chemicals and the way in which they are intended to be utilized, and will not proceed with, or allow, any actions to be taken which could in any way, cause damage or increased risk or harm of any kind to any persons or property.